Hi, its Dave A…

To all of you who have been following the series COMEDY UNDERGROUND, Tonight is the last episode of the eight week run – On Comedy Central at 1am EST. And if I may say, this is going to be a good one. Three of my favorite comics Jesse Joyce ( @JesseJoyce ) Tom Rhodes ( @_TomRhodes ) and Al Jackson ( @AlJackson ) plus the Legendary Ron Jeremy ( @RealRonJeremy ) — This is a great way to close out a great season of shows. Its been a long wild run of shows and the amount of fun/cool feedback from the fans and the comics makes me think that this is a beginning and not and ending…so lets keep our fingers crossed

Now for those of you who have been asking about when they are going to re-run my Road Work Special… GOOD NEWS.. tonight is the night…They are going to air the special again at 1:30am EST right after the season finale of COMEDY UNDERGROUND. So set the DVR and get ready for a night of dirty comedy.

And to all of you who have been supporting #OperationPurple… As I stated at the begin of the run of the series..that my goal was to send another 25K to help support OPERATION PURPLE AND NATIONAL MILITARY FAMILY ASSOCIATION ( http://www.militaryfamily.org ) Well, I am sending the check out ASAP. And much thanks to all of you who have also stepped up to help support the troops and their families in this and other important causes..


After next weeks posting of the Behind-the-scenes for the final Episode. I will try and post some EXTRAS from THE ROAD WORK SPECIAL!! You will see some good/bad jokes that did not make the cut and/or some material the network thought a little too risque… BOO!! I will give you all a heads up when we get the EXTRAS UP… As well as any and all live dates I have coming down the road.

Thank you all again for taking time to read this and I hope the shows tonight are the start of a fun weekend.


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